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this was not today


Olia’s half-an-hour, Day 4

9:18 PM

I spent like 3-4 hours today wrestling with wordpress and now tumblr.

I did some writing too.

So much for half-an-hour. Does this count?  I promise I did do more then a half an hour of writing, you will see tomorrow.

Olia’s half-an-hour, Day 3

I love numbers by the way so seeing lots of 11s just makes me happy, but on with the blog.

I am not a blogger:

I went to an Appartment Therapy talk last night http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/

The main attraction was the Creative Director of merchandising of Martha Stuart Living magazine.
Three young designers were the warm up.  The fist was a guy who was touched by Japanese design in his life as music band tour something merchandiser or producer.  He made lamps with bamboo which is stronger then steel, I learned from him and can’t wait to use in a conversation or on my deck (would have to research this one), the other made lamps out trees in his parents lake.  When I heard the introduction of the three of them, the name of the third one was “Life Goes on until it Doesn’t”.  I wispered to Yura, my husband, that one wins for me.  It turned out Charles Constantine, the creator was sitting next to his girlfriend/wife who was sitting next to Yura.  In retrospect, I hope he heard me say that.  It proved to be true in the end although the bamboo stronger then steel was a revelation and the trees found in a drained man made lake sounded like a lot of work.

Charles Constantine, http://www.charles-constantine.com/fortunately and unfortunately the most attractive one of the bunch (to me at least) came on stage with his “Life Goes on until it Doesn’t” project (I love even repeating the name of it).  No Charles, I am not in love with you, just with the world as a whole and since you are in it, I love you too.
His project was a coffin coffee table.  Not just any coffin, a pine coffin that is a person lying in a fetal position.  I love pine, it is the only coffin allowed for the Jews.  I am a Jew so its what I will go in, proudly without any metal binding it.  I love the purity of it all.  I am a purist in life.  I never heard that word until my friend Jen, who was talking about her not wanting to smoke weed while breastfeeding, said that she was a purist.  I am not a purist in that way but I am a purist in the way that I love the idea of a nice pine coffin.

Also the coffin that he made was made to face east towards the sun which is believed to be good for the spirit.  I love facing east.  Also, the coffin has all this vertebra symbolism.  I love the spine.  Of course, the kundalini energy, the spirals going up and down.  All that stuff I love.  I guess the main thing that I loved about it all is the death part and talking so comfortably about it in a room full of unassuming designer types who came to listen about Martha Stuart Living creative director of merchandising.
8: 13 pm

Death is such an interesting topic to talk about and I personally love a good death conversation, but so rare to come by.  Charles Constantine boldly spoke about the topic.  Thinking about death actually makes people happy, he said.  Yes!  For the nonbelievers, he even had a study to back it up.  Non believers don’t believe anything unless a Doctor tells them its true.  Anyway, its always been true for me.  I don’t remember the day that I had that epiphany but I do remember thinking to myself how I love the idea of death.  The fact that it can come at any moment to anyone at any time for any reason.  Some people would be scared reading this because the image of death as a powerful and kind of evil spirit knocking on one’s door is a scary and powerful one.  Oh no, I tempted the spirit of death and now she/he will come to get me.  I am a little nervous writing this.  Sometimes on a plane I visualize the crash and it so quick and I think everyone does that on planes.  In that moment I start crying and feeling truly sorry for myself but not even myself.  I picture others crying for me, my mom, my dad, my husband, my son now, my sister, my niece and nephew, my dearest friends.  Even now, I cry picturing it all.  But a moment later I feel good again.  I am here and I have it all at my fingertips.  Food, shelter, love around me.  I am not dead.  I am alive as alive can be.  And yes that makes me happy.

Ok so back to my script:

I have an opening song.  Its written by Josh Sitron and its called Yes my love.  It has a funny story.  Josh Sitron is my ex boyfriend, its hard to call him that because I think of himas a friend for life.  But… But..  when we were going out, he played to me this song and I was so jealous.  The song was so beautiful, I knew that he could never love me like he loved while writing that song.  Later in life I realized that all that is irrelevant, I just love that song and it moves me to no end.  Maybe it will move you too.

I will link it later.  I secretly want to work on this with my friend Tatiana McCabe.  I think she is so talented and a perfect match because she did this movie in college:


Its been way more then a half an hour today

Olia’s half-an-hour, Day 2

transfering from wordpress to tubmlr


Olia’s half-an-hour, Day 2!

Day 2 by Olia…

4:51 pm

It’s day 2 and already I left it to last minute. I have to be in Chelsea at 6:30 pm. I was going to also go home and shower but I
derailed my day. Purpose or not on purpose, I ended up having a marvelous day.

This is what I did:
Woke up
Got into a fight with my husband in front of our 17 1/2 month son
Ate oatmeal with apples, we are out of bananas
Nanny came, took Isaiah
Went to Zumba, met Christina Casa there
Had a great class
Took Christina to our house to get house advice
Went to her house, met Marty her husband, looked at her renovation
More house tips
Stopped at El Milagros was compelled to do holiday  shopping on Nov 9
(never done before but I always wanted to be one of those people who
do my shopping early)
Got great gifts for mom and Lena and friends.

Oh oh 5:01

Script day 2

If you want to make this world a better place take a look at yourself
and make that— change.
Michael Jackson song add it to the show with subtitle

Today I realized that documenting closely Anybody’s life could be interesting. Exposing any real feeling is important for the evolution of mankind.  If we look deeper and deeper inside we find that universal bond. That’s why Seinfeld was able to be understood by everyone even though its too Jewish.  It’s also why comedy gets outdated because ones a feeling is exposed it’s funny but then it’s common knowledge so we have to dig deeper.

I am at cacao bar and a woman is talking about doing a full gut renovation. Why is the universe imploding for me today. We are doing a renovation and I never heard the word renovation. Now it’s all around me. Why does it always work like that.  We have selective hearing, right?

Babies don’t—that’s why they are funny. They surprise us because they see something we don’t see. Like the squirrel that is paused on a branch right above our head.

I think I will not have time for a shower.  It’s date night with my husband. We got a nanny for a full day and I thought I would go say goodnight to Isaiah but I guess I won’t make it. Straight to the city unshowered after zumba. IPhone autocorrects to rumba.  Yes this is all written on an iPhone.

So I guess laying down groundwork.
In improv there is an exercise I love that first you start with an action then sound to an action when you walk out on to the stage. So if it’s a gym, you come in sit down and lift weights then you start grunting. I Liked to unroll the yoga matte and start deep breathing. I need to do that anyway. Now I would start zumba. So the scene can start with someone doing zumba in the mirror then you add the sound of the breath then the music. Music in the front.

This is like doing sets.

Ok so zumba music. Gata Brasiliera to be specific. I am song specific.
( I need to make music decisions)
So stuff happens it could be my whole day.
All the things I listed. Need specific quotes.

Christina: I can’t live without hand sanitizer.
Olia: I think it’s evil. Did you use it before you got whooping cough?

C: yes but I think I got the whooping cough from the co-op because parents don’t vaccinate.

O: I didnt vaccinate Isaiah.

C: I don’t like vaccines but I like the whooping cough and tetnus.

O: for kids they are packaged with diphtheria you can’t get them separately but diphtheria is nonexistent here.

C: I hope my husband is not sleeping.  I just texted him to tell him to put his pants on.

5:24 PM

This is going to take practice.


Olia’s half-an-hour, Day 1

transferring day one from wordpress to tublr


Olia’s daily half-an-hour

Okay… I am really excited to post something from my friend Olia today. She is a mommy of an adorable and hilarious 1-year-old, and I met her through my good friend Jamie. Together, Olia and I plotted all sorts of surprises for Jamie at her wedding this past summer. In the process I got to know Olia. And she is one firecracker. (Maybe I stole that adjective from Neil Simon. Who cares. It works.) She singlehandedly got a big group of us to a)sneak into the hotel pool afterhours and b)go skinny dipping. One of my favorite experiences ever!

Check out what Olia is doing…

From Olia:

First half an hour. 9:51 am.

My very smart friend Elizabeth started this blog. My other very smart friend Jamie said to do a half-an-hour a day. Half an hour? Everybody has a half-an-hour. Well this is my second half-an-hour in the last two months.  I did attempt unofficial writing that is lost in “things to do” notebooks and are even more journal-like than this.  They say things like “call Isaiah’s doctor to reschedule.”  The other half-an-hours were spent sitting around and staring at walls and computer screens talking on the phone and doing tasks and activities that are lost in time.

Save Now

Ok, I am back. What will I do in a half-an-hour a day?

Write a comedy of course.  Why will I be writing a comedy?  Because it’s one of my dreams.  I always think, “Well everybody must want that so why would I deserve to do it?” Good question I think it is that I ask myself, but then I think, “Well why does that question matter.  The question is irrelevant.”

So, half an hour a day of writing and then once a week of recapping my ”experiment.” Or do I need to do more than once a week to participate in this Blog.  Should it just be a mix of both like this entry? I write and I write about how I feel when writing?

Somebody out there? Answer this question.

Ok the answer came, yes I will do both.  So half an hour of both a day.  That means by December 9th I will have 30
half-hour entries.

So, without further ado.  Here we go.

2:51 pm

Starting Now
(a person hand with a pen writing this in their journal with subtitles)

Does the first part of of the half hour count or do I start now?  I started writing this email on the way to Music Together.  Iphone in one hand, stroller in the the other.  Yes I was typing on my iPhone on the sidewalk of Park Slope at 9:51 since I pressed Save. This ”experiment” has been circling around in my head.  Even as we were voting on what Goodnight song we are going to sing in the last Music Together class of Fall2010.  Is it going to be “The Riddle Song”, “All the pretty little Horses” or “Tumbalalaika”. “Tumbalalaika” won with ”The Riddle song” in close second.  We got 5 and they got 4 votes.  Our 5th vote came during the tie, so you can see it was close.  To my surprise I found that this is the translation of this song (which is not a part of Music Together’s Lullabies Cd).

The song Tumbalalaika comes on with the subtiles being the English translation of the song.
(You see a mom in a Music Together class)  All the kids are laying down with mommies, a music teacher with the mommies and nannies are singling Tumbalalaika but just the chorus lyrics, a cappella.  Then Jeremiah’s version of Tumbalaiaka comes on, It’s in Yiddish with English subtitles below. When the Jeremiah’s version starts, the action is the looks mommies
give to their kids.  Just the reality, some are very loving and fun, some kids are really happy, some are confused, some are distracted, whatever is but real. It’s a small but powerful moment).

Trakht un trakht a gantse nakht
Vemen tzu nemen un nisht farshemen
Vemen tzu nemen un nisht farshemen

Tumbala, Tumbala, Tumbalalaika
Tumbala, Tumbala, Tumbalalaika
Tumbalalaika, shpil balalaika
Tumbalalaika (also Shpil balalaika), freylekh zol zayn

Meydl, meydl, kh’vil bay dir fregn,
Vos ken vaksn, vaksn on regn?
Vos ken brenen un nit oyfhern?
Vos ken benken, veynen on trern?


Narisher bokher, vos darfstu fregn?
A shteyn ken vaksn, vaksn on regn.
Libe ken brenen un nit oyfhern.
A harts ken benken, veynen on trern.


Vos iz hekher fun a hoyz?
Vos iz flinker fun a moyz?
Vos iz tifer fun a kval?
Vos iz biter, biterer vi gal?


A koymen iz hekher fun a hoyz.
A kats iz flinker fun a moyz.
Di toyre iz tifer fun a kval.
Der toyt iz biter, biterer vi gal.



A young lad stands, and he thinks
Thinks and thinks a whole night
Whom to take and not to shame
Whom to take and not to shame

Tumbala, Tumbala, Tumbalalaika
Tumbala, Tumbala, Tumbalalaika
Tumbalalaika, strum balalaika
Tumbalalaika, may we be happy

Girl, girl, I want to ask of you
What can grow, grow without rain?
What can burn and never end?
What can yearn, cry without tears?

Foolish lad, why do you have to ask?
A stone can grow, grow without rain
Love can burn and never end
A heart can yearn, cry without tears

What is higher than a house?
What is swifter than a mouse?
What is deeper than a well?
What is bitter, more bitter than gall?

A chimney is higher than a house
A cat is swifter than a mouse
The Torah is deeper than a well
Death is bitter, more bitter than gall

Next Scene

The Character and son go to play with Chu Chu’s.  At the pharmacy on the corner.  The character texts another mommy so see where she is. She thought she would meet her at the Chu Chu’s. There’s a conversation with the Pharmacist about Nature baby Care. She wants him to get it and become the renown pharmacy in the hood.


wow its starts to hurt.  Its been 21 minutes and it literally hurts.  Its like if you didn’t run and all of a sudden ran for 21 minutes.  Maybe tomorrow I can last 25 minutes.


Isaiah is still sleeping and I am typing again.

Ok.  I have to do something to establish character but is it shameless
to be the character?  I want to hide behind someone else but at the
same time I want to shamelessly expose the humor I find in my everyday
life.  Ahhhh.  3:36pm.

Save Now