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Jehovah’s Witness, Day 5

Little part of a script and something that happened today.

A Jehovah’s Witness rang on the door today.  I saw two guys in suits and for a second I thought Yura and I were in trouble with the law or something.  Instead of introducing himself as a Jehovah’s witness, this handsome black man with sparkling eyes said,

Jehovah:  “My name is Edward and we are just walking around the neighbourhood today and asking people what is making them happy.”

O: (I was shocked for a moment.) 

Is this happening, has the Messiah come?  Is the world so nice that there are people walking around to check on the status of their neighborhood’s happiness? Who are you working for exactly?

J:  We are Jehovah’s Witnesses

O: We are in a rush to leave but I can’t leave such a good question behind.

(counting off quickly on fingers)

You make yourself happy but making yourself choose happiness even when you are down.  Appreciation of what you have.  Gratitude.  Spirituality in you life.  My therapist. 

J:  Some people told me that they can’t live without money.  They need to know they have money to be happy.

O: My husband says: Money just gives you freedom. And I add to be happy or unhappy.

J: Well, you got most of them.  We believe that there are five principles.  (hands me the book)

O: Thank you. Have a great day, Edward.

( grabbing baby to walk out, they continue knocking on doors going down the street.  We see them as we are strolling and yell out to them).

Feeling connectedness, Peace and Love.

How I could have forgotten peace and love?

(Jehovahs smile.  Baby starts reading the Jehovah’s witness book in the stroller)

J: I am glad he is starting early.  I wish I had, it would have saved me a lot of grief.


its easier to write stream of consciousness then the script it will take practice.  I am going to start recording people’s full sentences with my phone, that will help.  That was my original idea to record the sentence structures of people.  I think characters are in the words one chooses for their sentences.  I don’t want cliche characters and that will happen if I speak for people.  Everyone will sound like me.  I feel like that a little bit in Woody Allen’s movies.  He talks like himself but then the other characters reply to him with the same air.  It makes sense he wrote it and it does make all characters play at the top of their intelligence because Woody Allen is an intelligent man.



The Zumba scene, where I or someone is dancing Zumba to their baby while the baby is eating or in the mirror is going to be to this song.  I got such great moves from my class.

The Zumba scene, where I or someone is dancing Zumba to their baby while the baby is eating or in the mirror is going to be to this song.  I got such great moves from my class.

Olia’s half-an-hour, Day 5

9:17 am

The game “Set” made my brain work faster.  Seriously.  Yura’s mom came to visit two weeks ago and she brought with her the game “Set”.  She said that our niece Yael is very good at it.  She gets the sets right away.  I am a fan of games and usually have “beginner’s luck”,  but not this time.

I will be back later.

7:58 pm

When we started playing the game I felt that it was so hard for me to find the sets.  Instead of looking for similarities in card you had to find sets that are completely dissimilar.  This part of my brain was apparently not activated.  I had the least sets at the end of the game every time we played.  Then my niece, Beata came to town.  I tried playing with her.  She is nine years old and her first game was better then my 5th game.  That is when I realized, I will not escape death nor aging.  This realization was obvious to me all along but something about my brain’s sluggishness this time really hammered in the message.  

This was not a sad realization but one that made me determined to get better at Set and Tumblr and all the new things that come out.  I do not want to reverse my own aging  but while I am here I want to make sure my brain is working properly.  I have to “sharpen the old saw”.  I think that’s from Seven Principles of Highly effective people.

I think this is turning more into a journal then a script at this point. 
Instead of calling it Olia’s half-an-hour, I should have called it something more specific like Olia has to work on her script for a half an hour.tumblr.com. 

I am tired.

8:07 pm

Olia’s half-an-hour, Day 4

Olia’s half-an-hour, Day 4

9:53 PM

I spent like 3-4 hours today wrestling with wordpress and now tumblr and now maybe back to wordpress.  I will find a home but for now I have two.  oliarights.tumblr.com and oliarights.wordpress.com

I did some writing too.

So much for half-an-hour. Does this count?  I promise I did do more then a half an hour of writing, you will see tomorrow.