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Day 6? Resurrection is coming.

10:22 pm

Wow what a day!

I think I have to start a new blog.  Just to organize things.  Separate the journal from the script.  It will be a blog within a blog or maybe I will just do it how I am doing it. 

A script within a blog.

My Birthday is coming up and I am turning 33.  My mom was the first to say that this is Jesus’s age.  What does that mean, the year he died?  No, its the year he was Resurrected. This project is a resurrection of my life.

The Script

Each show starts with Super8 footage, done by Megan Hill.


Its silent for about 30 seconds (that’s very long in TV time these days, its an eternity).  Then the music comes on.  The beginning informs the rest of the show.  The ending is again the same with music coming on and into silence of Super8.

I wrote so much today and I found out that its great to write with the iPhone.  I write in my notes and then email to myself.  I can then copy and paste here. 

I love techmology.


Olia’s Half-an-hour, Day 5

Olia’s half-an-hour, Day 5

1:22pm, Saturday.
I got this forward today from my father-in-law.
Here is what I wrote back:

Hi Grisha,

We have so much in common, like family stuff and grandchildren and I am sure millions of similar interests like music, art,
history, philosophy.  I will read the book you gave us, right after I am done with Mistst of Avalon.

Lets email about things we have in common?  What do you think?
Remember you once said, sometimes you see things black and white and Yura and I see other colors, I love that quote from you.

I should have signed Olia Rights because I realize all writing such as email or texts or twitter or facebook has become a practice tool.  The goal is to express yourself and to take risks.  Risk for me is reaching a new level of nondisclosure or openness of emotion.
Next post will be more script, I promise and I still have to post yesterday’s writing.

Subject: Fwd: Three Priceless Photos

This picture captured on the back of a Marine’s jeep is priceless and definitely a “sender”!

This is so good!!!    (Gotta love those Texans)  !!!

Hwy 59 at Hwy 43 – across from Marshall High School

Sign at Hutchinson, KS, 35 miles SE of Wichita
I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.
— Winston Churchill

Obama’s honeymoon is over !!

Would love to know the Patriot who paid for this sign!
W O W !!!
I wonder how long this will be allowed to stand?
Sign POSTED on Hwy 61, Hutchinson, Kansas.

E-mail and pass this around keep it going let the country know that we can’t afford Obama or his CHANGE!!!
IF you don’t agree, delete it!
That is “one” of the few rights we still have left.