The Script

10:11 am

One of the characters is doing an experiment on herself (its probably going to be me)  It will be real experiments with findings at the end of the episode.

For example:

– First show will be the 30 day writing half an hour a day project.

-Second show she doesn’t criticize anyone for 30 days.

-Third, dance everyday for a month.

-Fourth, do kundalini everyday for a month.

-Fifth, run everyday for a month.

-Sixth, eat vegetarian for a month

-Seventh, drink only water everyday for a month.

These are in reality all things I want to do.  To make it work we have to stack some shows in the beginning if we want to do a weekly.  So we make a lot of them ahead of time and release them and work on others during this time.  This will make a lag enough for all experiments.

It might have to be a bi weekly show.

The experiments have to be a month long to make them work.

Oh Oh I just looked up pertinent information.  It turns out the experiments have to go for 40 days.  This is why. 

What’s the deal with 40 days and why is that such a sacred period in spiritual practices and religion?

Many spiritual texts discuss masters and saints who went through various trials and overcame challenges over a period of forty days. Even most military boot camps are six weeks long, about 42 days. Since the mind works in cycles, influenced primarily by the lunar cycle, any practice maintained over forty days uses the will and intent to break a habit of the mind. The mind is said to release 1000 thoughts with every blink of the eyes. Consciously, the human being is powerless over these subconscious chains of thought. Therefore setting an intent and sticking to a practice such as doing a 90-minute yoga and meditation set over these forty days leverages the mind on the sub-conscious level. Over a forty-day period the cycles of the mind are overcome and the subtle thought-chains of habit can be broken. A habit is a simple chain of thought patterns that have been repeated to the point where the resulting actions have become behavior.


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