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Day 8

9:41 pm

Part of my half an hour is in day 7.  I am not making excuses but I can barely move my fingers across the keyboard.  My other life is Olia Designs and yesterday Olia Designs got a reward she has been waiting for.  For 7 years I’ve been running my jewelry design company that I would like to think of as little wearable sculptures www.oliadesigns.com.  Yesterday Daily Candy, one of the gods in the industry wrote about my designs.  Exciting it was and still is.

I notice with all goals like that the excitement is very strong in the beginning but then its gone and things go back to normal.  Its never healthy to focus on a specifics like I need to be in Daily Candy because its usually full of disappointment.

I am taking this a celebration of my ability to manifest certain results.  Oh yes I said it manifest.  If I can set my goals on daily candy or ny times or lets enlightenment, I can achieve it.  I think now my main focus is to keep writing.  Writing, learning, resurrecting, enlightening.

The Script

During the Zumba sequence that I do with Megan for Isaiah while he is eating (in the show).  I will also have cuts of our Zumba teacher from behind teaching us the technique.  I will ask her if we can film her for two songs.  She has this amazing butt.  During the Zumba class her butt has a mind of its own.  It moves perfectly to every beat independently of her body.

Speaking of Zumba.  Besides being the best way to spend Wednesday morning, Zumba makes your brain grow.  I know I said that about the game Set, but now I am on the search for things that make my brain grow.  I want to have a giant brain.  Today we were doing these arm movements.  Touch the head, then sky, arms out and in.  Then, she added this cris cross arm movement and I was lost.  I tried and tried and then she sped it up.  I was out.  I realized my brain could not direct my arms to keep track of this repetitive information.  A troubling thought and discouraging, but not me.  I realized that once I master it, my brain will fill in the gray matter that is blocking those signals and those connections will be reestablished.  Isn’t that how the brain works?

9:57 pm

Next topic Hypotheses Zumba as a spiritual practice


Day 7, iPhone

8:53 pm

I don’t know if its the writing or the stars but my life has transformed in these 7 long days.  Each day has been filled with something new.  I think life started to give me material.  Its almost too much material.  I think in the last 7 days, I got enough material for at least the first Season. 

Fortunately, its still in my head, on my iPhone notes, iPhone videos, iPhone voice, iPhone emails to myself and many other apps.  I just want to take a moment to appreciate the iPhone.  I know that everyone and everything has flaws but the iPhone comes so close to perfection.  I will go as far as to say that it will be noted as one of the steps in our Evolution as humans.  With that said…. I am sorry iPhone for all those times I said “I hate my iPhone!” when you auto corrected my words incorrectly.  I know you didn’t mean it and I know you will get better.  I will get better too.

8:59 pm

On a deeper front, I am resurrecting.  I kid you not.  I don’t know if you are reading this but if you are holla at me, its been 7 days.  I am talking about some serious stuff and I don’t even know if you are listening.  Its ok if you are not but it would be nice if you were.  Have I ever told you how beautiful I think you are.  Have I ever told you that I love you.  I love you.

9:01 pm

Wow that last paragraph took only 2 minutes, did you see that?  See how productive one can be in 2 minutes. 

9:02 ( 1 minute)

I am tired I need to sleep.  Tomorrow’s topic is my new metaphysics.

I think.

9:07 pm

1:51 pm, Day 8

Tumblr, you didn’t post this.  You have one last chance. 
PS I restarted my computer

1:52 pm