Day 12, the script

8:18 pm

I realized since I started writing its just been pouring out of me.  All the unsaid and untold stories of my daily existence.  At first, I set out to write a script and now I am rearranging my life in order to write everyday or as it turns out I only have 12 hours a week.  I want to back up a little.  I set out to write a script, a comedy but instead I am talking about Lucid dreams and Vipassana meditation.  Its ok.  All of these will be a part of it somehow.  Its my character and I have to get to know her.

Yesterday on the way to the park with Yura and Isaiah, I saw Malcolm Gladwell in his running gear.  He was leaving the park, my husband spotted him.  I never see anyone and he is always pointing out the celebrities for me.  I think he must live somewhere in Park Slope.  Its funny because that day I was thinking about him.  I quote him a lot.  I wrote the post based on his 10,000 hour theory.  To become a master you just need 10,000 hours of practice was on the the conclusions of the Outliers.  I conclude that at this rate I might become a master writer by 54.

I guess what’s funny to me today is ever since I decided to do this script, I’ve been meeting film maker after film maker and writer after writer.  It feels like everyone new that I meet now is a writer or a film maker.  So far, they have been short encounters but I want to know more so I will ask questions. 

8:39 pm


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