Daily Archives: November 22, 2010

Day 13, Time

11:07 and 12 minutes and 21 seconds remaining

Time is of essence to me right now.  Now that I set out with a half an hour goal, I realized what I can accomplish for myself in just one half an hour.  For some it may seem as chicken scratch but for me its a feat.  Its revelation.  Since the day I started doing this time has changed for me.  Sometimes I feel that I am a hurricane blowing through my work, my interaction with friends, strangers and my life.  I slow down only for a moment of truth and then move on to the next thing.  The hurricane is a strong metaphor but the wind around the hurricane is blowing away all the garbage in its path.

Tonight I had a session with Baya, the Russian healer after work.  My workday was incredible, I unearthed stones buried in the back office.  I found feathers that I was using for earrings and only today realized that they came from real birds.  I knew it before but today I realized it.  It gave a whole new life to my Virgo Collection, this is one example http://oliadesigns.com/collections/1/products/239.  The bottom feather is a black peacock and the top feather is a pheasant.  I was not respecting these creatures.  No wonder my Virgo collection did not sell so well.  I will atone for this in my own way and I will send links with updates  These feathers will fly again.

I sat down to write about Baya but Time….