Daily Archives: November 23, 2010

Day 14, 33


Write 30 min, This needs editing.
This is it. Day 0. Fresh start. Clean energy. I got cleaned by Baya. Now for extra pampering I am going to see Gabriel. Maybe I’ll top off the day by installing our mezuzah. This is my spiritual gold. Then, I will make food for I don’t even know how many people.

My menu


Cheese with crackers

Whole grain bread finger sandwiches with arugula cranberry aside goat cheese and perhaps turkey bacon or vegie version with cucumbers. All organic ingredients. (recipe by Megan Hill aka Poo Poo

Butternut squash with roasted garlic and some yummy cheese. Local and organic products.

Main course.

Homemade pesto with store-bought organic tagliatelle pasta

Brown rice pilaf with chicken and carrots. All organic.  Made by Ira


Fruit tart

Homemade pumpkin pie with vanilla ice-cream

Dish soap
Beer variety
Get cash
Deposit checks
Home look through bag
Count people

Things to bring up
Paper cups and plates
Floppy ears

What is the difference between intuition and doubt I cant tell them apart

Sometimes I can.
Today I deposited three checks to Olia designs 1120, 391 and 364. All the amounts add up to 13. 13 has been my signal number. It’s a check. Am I on the path? 13 tells me yes keep going. 13 3 times is even nicer. Instead of just yes I got yes yes yes.

Some people get their nails done, some go shopping, some get a massage on their birthdays. I used to imitate those people and their way of relaxing but it didn’t work. Well, the massage kind of worked. Today I went to UWS to get a personal Gabriel channeling. It’s ok if you think whatever you are thinking, I used to think worse. I wanted to do it on my birthday and my sister offered to treat me. And that was my kind of a treat. It fits better then a designer dress.

I don’t know why but just going there I started to cry. I usually cry on my birthdays.  Usually it’s feelings of loneliness even though there is usually at least 30 people coming to see me. Or feeling of not being where I need to be in life on the marked day. Or sensitivity to immediate people around me not understanding what I’m going through. Today it was different trears. Tears of having to accept myself, my fate, my life, my body and my soul. I came into Robert Bakers apartment and the tears receded.  Is this it? Is this the place?  He sat down and handed me the remote. He told me to press record until the orange light comes on when Gabriel emerges. He went under. I couldn’t watch. I kept my eyes closed so that I could take it in. I knew my mental body would rip the experience into shreds if I let it watch. When he started talking I presses record. The orange light came on after the second time of me pushing the button. I closed my eyes and started breathing.

The first words addresses to me were that I am going through resurrection. Did he read my blog?  Did I tell him on the phone.  No. No.

I am writing just to write now. There is no script

1:29 pm