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Day 16, Thanks Giving Eve


I still have 10 minutes of writing left in me.  Thanksgiving turned out everything I dreamed.  There was forgiveness, bonding and gratitude after all.  All the things I cooked turned out delicious.  My cup was overflowing with pride (the good kind).

The turkey, brined this morning, came out perfect.

The stuffing, that I stuffed inside the turkey for the second time in my life was tas-ty.  I even made last minute gravy out of the liver and it was delicious.  Not too salty or think, just right.  The homemade cranberry, sauce is so easy to make, was perfectly sweet and tart (made that the night before, thank god).  The sweet potatoes with marshmallows, perfect.  The warm pumpkin pie (made 2 days ago by moi for the second time in my life and this week, I didn’t even think I liked pumpkin pie) with peaches and cream ice scream and a splash of Godiva liquor (Yura’s idea) was the awesome ending to the meal.  My cousin, Julia, contributed by making mashed potatoes for that salty starch, much needed starch.

I think the meal warmed the hearts and souls of all present.  That was my intention for the all night before and all day cooking expedition.

From time to time, I catch myself doing a mundane things and I imbue it with intention (like all those spiritual books say to do).  Today I was cleaning the garbage outside and the thought came back to me.  If I clean the garbage and organize it with the intention of taking out the waste in my life, maybe it will be so.  Then I saw the leaves piled up on the drain and I took them out with the intention of unclogging my blocked whatever you want to call them, arteries, chakras, pipes.  I felt better.  I couldn’t do all the preparation alone, I needed my family today to physically help me.  My mom had to watch Isaiah so that I can deal with the turkey.  My dad had to help with cleaning and peeling and any other task I was throwing at him.  My husband had to help feed Isaiah, put him to sleep for his nap, fix the light in his room and set up anything needing to be set up and to relieve me when I needed breaks.  It just a little meal, but so much work went into it.  We had to act like a small business for the day.  A big production Thanksgiving is.  I am great-full now looking back at the delicious Thanksgiving meals that I’ve attended, not realizing the labor that it took to get there. 

On a philosophical note, the work was good for all of us.  On this day off, we could have lounged around and then went out to eat and it would be fun I am sure.  Today was more then fun, it was memorable.  It was an experience only to be experienced.  From cleaning out the garbage to roasting and eating the turkey.  All experiences.  Its so easy for our mind to associate making food – hard work don’t want to do it, eating food and drinking wine – relaxing want to do it.  But if I look at the day as a whole?  It took me an hour to wrestle with and brine the turkey, it took me an hour to prepare the stuffing, two and half hours to roast the turkey and 10 minutes to eat the turkey.  I would have to say the other 4.5 hours were filled with anticipation, excitement of the unknown, risk taking at times, but overall fun.  The 10 minutes of eating the turkey were just good.

It brings me to my next point.  I don’t bond with people by talking but by working together.  In college, we used to plan some fun parties with my friends.  And when I think back to the moments I remember, that’s where my mind jumps.  Its work to put together a party (not like drinks and chit chat party, but a real party where you tin foil the ceiling to get a space theme in the room) and people have to come together and be creative and work as a team.  I don’t remember all the conversations we ever had but I remember writing our rhyming invitation to our pajama jammie jam senior, as we laughed ourselves silly.  It takes a long time to tinfoil a whole ceiling even though the room doesn’t look that big.

I think that’s the reason that I want to have a show.  Its writing concepts and following through while you are laughing yourself silly with your friends.  That’s what want.  Working while laughing myself silly.

Tomorrow I want to get back to the script.

11:25 pm, I guess I had more then 10 minutes in me


All the lonely people


is fun to read.

Day 16, Thanks Giving

2:15 pm

It feels like today was a lifetime.  A lifetime of cooking, cleaning, up-heaving old pains, resolution, praying, asking for forgiveness and finally I hope to end the day with gratitude.  Yes, my mom and dad are in town.

The relationship between parents and god is usually one of a kind.  So its like this.  We feel that god is not being good to us.  We feel that he has wronged us through our lives in some way so we lash out at him with disapproval.  We say we know better, we say you have hurt us.  Then we pray, we pray to god for something.  Then we ask forgiveness for how we have acted and then we experience the glory of god.  We can take this metaphor further to every person.  Every person is a spark of god’s divinity.  Ok now I really sound religious.  I can’t help it, I like the lingo.  So with every person our relationship reflects our relationship with God.

I should do what I want.  I should do what I want.  I should do what I want.  What do I want.  I want to write this blog, I want to go around the block for a walk, I want to go back in start my sweet potato recipe with marshmallows, I want to check on the turkey, stick the thermometer in and find the baster.  Baste it.  I want to find my mom and ask her for forgiveness calmly.  I want to experience the glory of god and at the end of the day feel really thankful for it.

What else do I want.  I think that’s all for today.

Oh, maybe write a little more before bed.

2:28 pm

I have no time to loose – Olia Rights.  I am taking this quote and glorifying it today.