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Day 17, Falling a Part

8:59 pm (needs editing)

My parents left around 6 pm.  As soon as they left I fell apart.  Literally, I think since my Birthday party I was holding my immune system on a tight leash.  Isaiah got sick and I should have gotten sick with him but I had so much going on the body stopped.  The second my parents walked out of the room, my body let go and now I am laying in bed with my aching throat, burning nose and weak fingers. 

Isaiah screamed all day today.  He was sick and he was showing it to his world.  Its so painful to be around a screaming baby all day.  I forgot that he was ever normal and this is just a passing moment.  I was riding his waves, getting angry at him when he was acting out but overall I handled it calmly.  I wish I wasn’t hard on him today but I want to teach him that even if we are sick, its not ok to take it out on other people.  Its easier to learn things like that sooner then later.  I gave him 3 timeouts today.  Its also not easy to give a sick baby a time out.  It adds to the injury, I forgot the saying.  There was nothing left to do, so I had to.

Today was the script day so back to the script:

I am still laying out the guidelines for this new exciting project so I thought of another one.  I know my character.  My character will explore a new experiment on herself every 30-40 days and that will inform what she is talking about and her “deal” as I learn in improv.  Each character has to have their “deal”.  Their deal informs their story line, their dialogue and their stand on subject. 

The next point I thought about is other characters and I hit a block until today, probably as I was energetically unblocking my sink drain, I had a eurika moment.  This blog is a way to have characters write in.  So far, Elizabeth, Josh, Lisa, Jamie, Marina, my Sister, my cousin Julie, Christina Casa, I wish my husband, Marjorie have told me that they are reading this blog.  If you don’t see your name on the list or you are on the list but you miss this entry, I am sorry but you are not in the show.  I will inform you.  I think this is the best way to interact though other then being in the same room and doing improv together which is another format that I want to add as soon as I get the logistics together. 

So if you are a character or want to be a character in this project just comment and interact with me through this blog.  Tell me your “deal”, your dialogue, your monologue, your parts of the show.  I think about Woody Allen movies or Seinfeld and the only limitation to the characters that I can see is they all talk a like.  They have the same lingo.  That makes the show great on one hand but also one dimensional on the hand.  The reason why is because the same person is writing the lines for all the people.  I shouldn’t take Woody Allen or Seinfeld as the example of what not to do, more like Sex in the City where the characters might as well be one person having an inner monologue that we are addicted to for some ungodly reason.

I realized that if I were to write all the people in, they would all sound like me talking to myself and that is just one person’s opinion.  So if you write yourself in that is how every person will have a voice, we can crack each other up, and we can work together even if we are on different continents.

More details will come but I am going to go and hopefully pass out.  Please comment with questions, ideas, your stories, your “deals”.

9:29 pm