Daily Archives: November 27, 2010

Day 18, Sick as a cat

5:04 pm ( no energy to edit)

I have been in bed all day with an achy flu body.  I haven’t been this sick since my C-section.  The C-section was  a little bit worse.  One day I will write about that experience because it was a critical moment.  Writing is very healing for me right now even though my eyes hurt just to look at the screen.  This Rabbi told me one that if someone else is sick you have to try not to judge the but just say “oh that’s too bad, they have bad luck”, but if you are sick you have to look within yourself for the reason why you are sick.  I think this applies to small and big sickness a like. 

I’ve been going so fast the last few months and today everything stopped.  I am in pain, yes but I don’t think I would have stopped even today if it wasn’t for this flu.  I would find activities to do and friends to see an plans to plan.  Instead I watched Bored to Death, Mama Mia and read Mists of Avalon.  I couldn’t take care of Isaiah today, Yura had to step in.  He was tired too but he had no choice.  I can barely tap the keys of the keyboard.  I’ve had a fever all night.  Its also teaching me compassion.  Isaiah was sick all week with a fever, a runny nose and everything I have now and although I felt bad for him, I still got angry when he was acting out.  In this state I understand why he was acting out.  He was in pain.  Everything was hurting him and he couldn’t do anything about it.  He doesn’t understand that he should lay in bed and read and watch movies.  He still tries to climb and jump but he can’t. 

Back to the script

Next question.  How will people write in their characters?  Ok so we have to set up scenes and a general plot but first we need to write in the characters “deals”.  I now open this blog up for you to write in your character.  Here is what you need to think about.  First of all, I think it should be you as a character because it will help.  Then you have to just describe yourself and your process in life currently.  What are you going through, what are your hopes and dreams, what is it that makes you go on, what relationships do you enjoy with people, what do you hate,  what is your character?  I know this is not an easy task.  I haven’t formally done it yet, so I will go first.

Female, from Russia, came here when I was 10.  Speaks English no accent, speak Russian accent.  I will have scenes where I interact with Russian people with subtitles.  I hate scenes with Russians who have a strong accent.  Its always a mockery.  The Russian culture is deep and profound and it should not be narrowed down to a silly accent or a mafia stereotype.   I can’t speak English with a Russian accent, although people have asked me to before and I just can’t. 

My character as I mentioned before will be experimenting on herself.  Her viewpoints are not mainstream, in fact usually contradictory, she is obsessed with finding her own path or the truth.  She can be judgmental and critical of the mainstream and group thinking but she find the best qualities in people and therefore attracts all walks of life to herself.  She is obsessed with fairness.  Unfair situations make her cry, so she cries a lot.  I could be comical, trust me.  In every joke there is a piece of truth or as my mom says in every joke there is a piece of joke.  The more honest and real this situation is the funnier it is in the context of life.  I know my character sounds too deep for laughter but think about Archie Bunker (Kevin Scott made me think of him in an improv class and I am thankful”.  Archie Bunker is a biggot who hates everyone who is different.  He hates gays, lesbians, black people and most of all he hates change.  Still the show was revolutionary and funny because there was a real Archie Bunker at the time and still is.  He is a universal character who hates change.  This is what I want, characters of the new now.

I want the people who never seen NJ houswives on TV.  I want people who are playing at the top of their intelligence, moving forward the evolutionary process at least within themselves to talk about ideas, instead of shoes.