Dance Day 8, Can You Relate to Me?

7:55 pm

We had a beautiful morning.  We went biking at my favorite place here, Oleta River State Park.  It is 7 minutes away from our condo.  We rented bikes and put Isaiah into the trailer for the first time.  He was riding in the back, looking cute as ever.  Eating his apple and drinking from his purple sippy cup.  He even had a cup holder back there.  It’s cold for Miamians but for New Yorkers, 60 and sunny in January is perfect.  We had a raccoon sighting.  He was beautiful and even put up with us coming very close to him and Isaiah’s screaming.  I was riding my yellow beach cruiser and writing in my head, “Another perfect day in Miami.”

Then we went to Maimi Juice for lunch.  The food was delicious and fresh.  There was a lot of organic food and even kosher options.  It is a glorified salad and juice bar.  Nothing fancy.  We had yummy veggies and salads and fresh juices.  The first healthy meal we had out for a while.  The small parking lot was not big enough to accommodate the crowds that it was attracting so there was valet parking.  Ah Miami.  We came home and to my surprise I was so sick.  My stomach was hurting me, I even ended up throwing up.  I can’t believe that my stomach could handle Southern Cooking in Atlanta a.k.a. fried everything with cream on top but it could not handle some salad with fresh juice.

Where am I going with this?  Nowhere.  I have nothing to prove today.  I guess the one thing I want to say is please write to me through your comments.  I have strong opinions.  I am not voicing them to upset anyone.  This is an experiment that I am falling in love with.  It’s a way to lay out my brain on paper unlike ever before.  I am welcoming you to probe at my brain.  If you agree or disagree with me, voice it.  If you want to voice your perspective, please do.  The only thing to keep in mind that this is a living journal.  I usually have a point and a counterpoint comes the next day.  If you see something so pink, you hate it, say something, knowing that purple is also around the corner.  The point is, I want to write you into my script.  I only have one character, me and I want you.


I didn’t dance yet.  10 pm dance, here I come.

Before I forget I have to record another synchronicity that happened to me.  Synchronicity is one of the most important sign post of my life.  I say in my About page:  “Coincidences give me strength.”  Synchronicity and numerology (but more about numbers later).  I want to record these events because they are giving me strength to keep this going.  I like to be spiritual but to be honest its harder for me then you think.  I was raised with a scientific mind.  I was raised and atheist.  I was raised to be a realist, which unfortunately often means cynic.  So spirituality and faith does not just flow through me.  In order to keep spiritual I create scientific experiments, such as this.  It hard for my mind to grasp something like blind faith in God or in Reiki or even in Yoga.  My mind wants to say, “Wait a minute, how can I know God exists?”   How can I know there is an afterlife?  How can I know that thinking good thoughts leads to good outcomes?  How can I know that following my heart of hearts passions is not only good for me but for the world?  I can never know.  How can I know that any of this stuff is real?  In order to believe it all and I do, I created my own system.  It’s simple.  If I start doing something and coincidences start to happen, I am on the right path.

As for numerology, there are assigned meanings to numbers.  Like in computer science where 1 means yes and 0 means no.   All these ancient cultures have found the meanings to other numbers, as well.  I will have to write a post to this theory another time, when the numbers tell me to.  It’s a good topic.

That crazy Dance day 6, when I railed against lunch, I was also having technical difficulties.  I decided that I want to add a music element to my posts.  The internet does not work well in Condoland so my perfect song was taking a long time to find.  I was tired.  That Day 6 took me over three hours to write.  I didn’t sign up for that.  I tried to post a song but it seemed that it didn’t save at the end.

That day did not sit right with me.  I felt so bad after I ranted and ranted.  The song I was trying to put on was Relate to Me by Jack Johnson.  It came on during my dance routine and gave voice to my lost cry for help.  It was also meant to soften the rant of the post.  I figured that if I first ask you to relate to me in song, you will not get so upset.

After I wrote the post, I was scared that anyone would read it.  The first comment came in.  It was, ding, ding, ding from Corinne and it said: “Sometimes I’m not sure you’ve ever said anything that I can’t relate to!”  My first reaction was, Thank God!  I guess my post was not as harsh as I thought.  Corinne is so balanced and calm, there is no way she would relate to something reactionary.  My second thought was, I guess the song saved.  At night I started investigating and found that the song did not save.  Nowhere in my post did I say, Relate to me.  I even did a search.  Corinne read my mind.  She read it so precisely that it is obvious to me that there is a mysterious force at work.  These are not random events.  This is whatever you want to call it.  I don’t want to call it anything because all of those words I want to say have long lost their meaning.  Those words are either charged or discharged and I don’t want to use them.

Coincidences are real, you don’t even have to believe in them.  Just watch them.  They are an opening into that other world that we do not see.  People usually start their sentence, “You won’t believe what happened to me.”  I agree, life is unbelievable.  I can’t just believe in things, I have to observe them and gather information.  Stuff starts happening and I don’t have to believe anymore.  I become a scientist again, experimenting with the Gods.

10:11 pm


4 responses to “Dance Day 8, Can You Relate to Me?

  1. Best pickup line ever: “I want to write you into my script.”

  2. I am never balanced or calm. I just try to be on the outside so that we can get things done, or if I want to be polite to other people around me. If only you knew the tumult inside! Then you would not be surprised by anything I could relate to.

    But you are the only one in my life right now who expresses on the outside what it’s like to be all at once explosive, scientific and spiritual. I’m trying to learn from you because honestly, I don’t usually like spiritual people. I don’t usually want to talk to people about their spirituality, and I don’t want to reveal mine to the scientific minds I respect and like to be around. I don’t know how to be both and all, the way you do. I hope I can learn from you. 🙂

    • You do a very good job on the outside! I know nothing is as it seems so I am not surprised.

      I love your honesty! Spiritual doesn’t mean you have to like yoga, it just means you are nice to people. You already do that, you can teach me better then I can teach you. But if you want to experiment with the gods, its simple and I can teach you. I loved Celestine Prophesies, it a page turner. Its not a boring spiritual book, its like a spiritual thriller. I think you would like it. I got a lot of my experiments from it.

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