Dance Day 16, Smiling in the Blizzard

Today it snowed in Utah.  I heard about “powder” on the West Coast.  I figured that it meant snow.  I wanted to see it with my own eyes.  Today I saw it.  And yes powder is just fluffy snow.  Snow that is deep and dry, you do not see your skis or your feet.  I do not like to fall while I am skiing but today I welcomed the falls, it felt good.  It snowed 8 inches over night and it started coming down heavily while we were skiing.

I remember this kind of snow when I was a child, said my favorite mother-in-law after coming back from skiing.  I remembered too.  I remember having fun rolling around in the snow.  To fall and be cushioned by magic powder of the gods.  Soft and crunchy to step on.

When we came to this country I found out that snow is something to be afraid of.  On the news, they said a snow Storm is coming 10-12 inches.  A storm is not a good thing.  Now on the news, a snow fall is a potential Blizzard.  A blizzard is even scarier word then a storm.  I guess they have to heighten it to keep our attention.  I understand this fear is mainly because we are a driving society and getting caught in a snow storm in a car is something people are trying to avoid.  I guess you would have to leave work a little early if you knew it was coming so you want people to be aware.  And if you are in the middle of the suburbs and your car is stuck, it could be an inconvenience.  But come on, snow is not a tsunami.  Snow is fun and friendly.

Today I enjoyed the fresh snow fall and so did all of Utah.  For Utah, snow is not a blizzard, it is a blessing.  I heard people remarking, Finally  we got some nice snow.  I guess they had a couple of days without it.  The skiers and the snow boarders were happy too.  Powder!

We skied around the mountain smiling, snow falling softly on our faces.  One of the lifts we wanted to go on was closed.  The hand-written sign said “Closed due to Avalanche danger.”  I just loved the simplicity of that.  “AVALANCHE” is a big word.  But even in this case there is nothing to fear.  We were safe on this snow-covered mountain and the path that was in any REAL danger was closed.

So please news people.  If snow is coming, just say snow is coming.  You can even tell us your guess on the inches.  Please do not say storm or blizzard.  And if there is an Avalanche, tell us where it is so we do not go sledding there.

9:59 pm Mountain Time

I wanted to put up a Bob Dylan’s song that I think of a lot.  Maggie’s Farm.  But I found out the hard way that all of these awesome black and white Bob Dylan videos have been erased from Youtube by Sony.  If you click on the video you can see the highest rated comment, I think the people have spoken.  Bob Dylan was exactly the guy who would be against that.  You can do that to all the commercial singers of the world but why touch Bob Dylan.

This is the closest I could find, his voice and words are my inspiration:


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