Daily Archives: January 22, 2011

No Dance Day 18, Voices

9:15 pm

I feel a little bit sickly.  I need to rest.  No dancing, just drinking tea.  I emailed back and forth with my friend Michelle, Mommy Theorist about blogging.  She said:

“I feel like that voice is the real me and most people don’t know the real me – I want to be known. ”

That is exactly how I feel.  I want to be known, even if it is just known by myself, by my mom, my sister, favorite mother-in-law and a handful of friends.  Until I write my thoughts, they are just a quiet voice drowned out by the chores of life.  I am not going to remember washing the dishes on January 21st, 2011 but I will remember taking my voice and power into my own hands and proudly blasting it over the internet without fear of being seen for what I am.

This is the mountains of Utah and Yura taking them on his snowboard.

10:14 pm Mountain Time