Daily Archives: January 28, 2011

Dance Day 22, State Farm Insurance

9:56 pm

I gave myself a snow day.  I am doing my College, even if it snows every day but first I have to clean up my past.  I cannot move into the future without cleaning up first.

I teach Isaiah “clean up” with a song every time he moves from one activity to the next.  If he is playing and wants to read, he has to clean up his toys first.  What kind of hypocrite would I be if I did not clean up my business before starting College.

Yury got a text this morning that Parsons is cancelled due to the snow.  That was my sign to cancel Olia College.

Today an auditor called me.  The word audit fills me with fear.  His name is Tasneem but he goes by Sam.  He is an auditor for State Farm insurance.  For two months we have been going back and forth.  He needed numbers from me and I was too busy to get them together.  The other day, I thought I was done with Sam but he called again this morning.  That was my second sign that I needed to finish up work on Olia Designs before I start Olia College.

When I got to work there was already an email waiting from me from Sam.  He was asking me for more numbers.  At the end he said this:

I think both of use need a vacation after this.
This too shall pass.


This too shall pass is exactly what I needed to hear.  We are working on at Olia Designs.  We are making a ring that says “This too shall pass.”  Synchronicity is my reminder that I am right where I need to be.  On my path.  Thanks Sam the Auditor.


10:29 pm