Daily Archives: February 1, 2011

Feng Shui for Me

11:32 AM

Today is my official second day of college.  I did my morning pages.  They revealed a lot.  I am confused about my college.  I do not know what it is yet.  I made a schedule that is not working.  I will be changing my curriculum.  I made classes that I do not want to go to.  Like drawing, just not feeling it.  I made requirements, I cannot maintain.  Dancing, I have not had energy after my cold.  I am disappointing myself and you but I have not danced in 5 days.  I have to cut down to three times a week.  It will take time to figure out a system.

Recently I bought three books on Feng Shui.  I want to learn Feng Shui because my husband and I are renovating our first home.  I have read one short book on Feng Shui years ago.  It is faint in my mind.  For a while used the concepts.  I made intentions, I moved furniture, I cleared clutter, I organized, I placed objects to symbolize things I wanted to manifest in my life, it worked every time.  Creating energy in my outer spaces consciously allowed my mind to have space.  I need more now.  We will be moving walls soon.  I want those walls to move consciously.

I was due to Draw 10:15-11:15 am but instead I picked up my Feng Shui A Practical Guide for Architects and Designers.  I am on page 11 and already I highly recommend this book (especially to you, Lisa).  It is grounded and smart.  A synchronicity happened on the second page.  The Feng Shui author started talking about Left and Right brain.  That sounded familiar, since my drawing text-book was Drawing with the Right Side of the Brain, I flipped the page and there it was, a reference to the Author of Drawing on the Right side of the brain by Betty Edwards, the very book I was supposed to study in my canceled drawing class.  It turns out she also has a book on Feng Shui.  This was a synchronicity not to be ignored.  It said, switching my curriculum is ok.   I am attracted to the same concepts, no matter what book I pick up.  Or they are attracted to me.

As I sat reading my book this morning, I was asking myself, what is it about Feng Shui that I love so much.  Why am I drawn to this subject.  The answer came quickly as I read the fundamentals.  Feng shui is a healing art.  It is seemingly about arranging space and furniture and cleaning your room but that is like saying yoga is about having a nice body.  If therapy works from inside out, Feng Shui works from outside in.  I can look at my environment and figure out my inner world.

Somewhat consciously, my husband and I created the space around ourselves in our current apartment.  In our creation of our first real home I want to be as conscious as I am in undertaking any new project going forward.  I want to know that every bit of energy I exert is for my own highest good and therefore for the highest good of everyone around me.  I want my home to be a sanctuary.

We went to see a renovation of this couple’s house in our neighborhood.  The wife  said that she wanted her home to be a sanctuary.  I cringed a little bit.  It sounded pompous to me to have such high aspiration.  But then I thought about it.  A sanctuary just means a place that is safe and sacred to you.  I am not about to put the Virgin Mary statue inside our house but I will be putting objects far more sacred to me, like Isaiah’s crib.

My first semester is to clear myself from inside out AND from outside in.

11:06 pm