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7:55 pm the night before

4:33 pm

I am sick of writing.  Literally.  Since doing this, I have gotten sick three times.  This time I had a 103 fever.  I have been in bed for two days now, my body aching.  I have been writing too much.  It has been taking all my energy and leaving me sick.  My nights after Isaiah goes to sleep is my only free time.   Which means all my free time, every night is gone.   My mind is out of balance with the body.  I usually go the other  way.  I am physical, I am into food.  Over the last 80+ days, I learned what it is like to walk in the other shoes.  To lose sleep over writing.  To eat little because I forgot.  I used to never forget.

It was exciting but I need to get my body back to health.   I need to balance.   I want to stimulate the mind and the body.  I am typing but I have hardly strength in my fingers.  When I am sick, I always think of those more sick than me.  I think of those who spend their lives in bed, just laying there.  I have been in bed two days and already experienced several bouts of sadness.  Those poor souls.  I think about the bed ridden children at the hospitals.  Some of them have never walked.  In the two days, my body started to slightly atrophy.  Of course, laying in bed all day does that to you.  My husband tells me to get up, but I do not want to.  It hurts.

So I write this post to say good-bye to writing everyday.  I will write when I can, I will do my Olia College.  Even in bed, I am homeschooling myself.  I wrote a post about authority for Blue’s blog and did not even realize that I gave authority to my readers in this project.    I felt that they will disapprove if I tell them that I will stop doing it everyday.  What?  Yes, the silly mind, does it ever stop its shenanigans.  I hope there are blogs you missed and you can go back and catch up 🙂

Thank you readers for reading and commenting.  I love the comments!  Please sign up so that you can see, new, more inspired posts.  I am excited to communicate with my friends again, to exercise, to do yoga and to just hang out with my husband.

7:21 pm