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Yury (Part II)

10:48 pm, 9:10 pm

We went on a date.  It was a nice date but it was on a Monday.  To me Monday said either “I want to be friends” or “I could not wait to go on a date with you.”  Since these are polar opposites, I did not read into it.  I did not want to wait to be chosen by a man, I wanted to choose.  I was observing.

We were eating fish tacos at Bonita on Bedford in South Williamsburg and talking.  At one point, Yury asked me what my sign was.  This was cute. The girl is the one to secretly get the sign out of a man.  This is done to see if the man is compatible.  It is our test kit.  He told me his sign was Leo.  Another Ace.  I did not even have to be an Astrology expert to know that two fire signs is a good thing.  Come and set the night on fire.

The dinner flew in fun conversation.  After dinner, he asked me to go have a drink.  (I think that is the first and last time we had dinner and then went to have a drink to talk more)  We decided to go to Supercore (the Japanese cafe where we met few days before). It was close by.  To me this was funny for two reasons.  The first was that we were coming back to the place we met as if  we were already celebrating our meeting, on our first date.  The second was that I had an identical first date with the guy before Costa Rica.  Only few months prior, we went to the same two places for dinner and drinks.  I could not tell Yura that at the time but the parallel was hilarious.  They were asking to be compared.  I was amazed how uncomfortable the same two places could be one night with one person and how fun and easy the same place could be with another person.

At the end of the date, we lingered outside.  I thought he might try to kiss me but he did not.  I walked home happy.  Maybe he has a girlfriend and he just wanted to make a Russian friend in the neighborhood.  I decided not to worry.  We lived exactly two blocks from each other.  He lived middle of the same block on South 2nd and I lived on South 4th.  A month later, I moved two blocks in the other direction.   I could see his building from my building.  We even had walkie-talkies.

The day after the date, he did not call me.  Another day came and no call.  Then another.  Over the weekend, I got sad.  So it was not a date, just a friendly dinner and drinks.  I tried to keep myself composed and keep my Costa Rican “I choose a partner” attitude alive.  One day, I cracked and started crying.  My tears were, “Why is life unfair?”  This is my usual reason for crying.  My roommate Stuart just happened to walk into the apartment and catch me.  I hated to be caught so weak and by another boy.  If I was going to show this weakness, I wanted it to be in front of another woman.  Stuart was sweet.  He told me that I was beautiful and if a guy does not see it, he does not deserve me.  The typical, but it made me feel better.  I give the same advice to my friends.  It takes a special person to recognize another special person.  Not everybody can see everybody.  In college, I was sad when jerky guys did not like me.  Later, I understood why.  They were jerks.  Jerks like other jerks.

to be continued…

11:09, 9:46 pm