Daily Archives: March 13, 2011

10:38 pm

I am going to Miami for a week tomorrow and that means writing.  I have been writing less and feeling sad about it.  On one hand, I am a normal person again.  I have spare time when I can talk on the phone and even watch movies.  I have even hung out with a few friends again.  Life has turned its regular course.

I started writing few days ago and I could not finish.  I felt too much pressure to deliver something great after days of not writing.  I decided not to write anything that day.  The momentum has been lost.  It is exactly what I was afraid of.  A few weeks of not writing everyday and already I think back at my project like a crazy idea of the past.  What was I thinking?

I challenge myself to write everyday for the week that I am in Miami.  I want to get back.  I need it.

10:46 pm

Thank you everyone who has been commenting and supporting this project.