Daily Archives: March 15, 2011


9:55 pm

My lovely husband was hogging the laptop all night so i am just sitting down to write now.  This is late for me.  It ties into my story about old age too.  I sit here complaining that it is 9:55 pm and I am so tired.

Today I saw Sylvia at the pool.  Sylvia is a little old lady who lives in the condo here.  I met Sylvia last year when we attempted to live in Miami.  After few weeks of living here, I was convinced that Sylvia might end up being my only friend in Miami.  Her and the nice valet guy, whose name I should know because we go way back now.  I don’t think he knows my name either but we are both to embarrassed to ask at this point.

The first time I met Sylvia, I was with Isaiah.  She asked me where my husband and I were from.  I told her my husband was from Atlanta.  She said, where in Atlanta?  I said, Dunwoody.  She said, “Ah, they are all from Dunwoody.” (this meant the Jews)  Coming from a non-Jew, this would be offensive but from Sylvia, it was hilarious and thus, I instantly liked Sylvia.  She took a risk with that joke.

It soon turned out that Isaiah’s after nap swim time and Sylvia’s swim time coincided, so we found ourselves in the pool with Sylvia almost everyday that we were in Miami (5 months).  Every time, Isaiah and I came up to the pool to greet Sylvia, she told us that the pool was warm.  Every day, I thought to myself, yes I know Sylvia.  This pool is not just warm, it is “old people” warm.  This was lucky for us, because “old people” warm is the same as “baby warm”.

Today I asked Sylvia how she is doing and she said, I am good as long as the pool is warm.  She wears a big hat and big sunglasses so I do not know exactly what she looks like.  One day I was in the elevator with her and did not know who she was until she started talking.  I recognize her outside of the pool only by her voice.  Sylvia is in the pool everyday!  Not swimming but kind of floating around.  People she knows come into the pool and they float around together talking.  Sylvia is quiet and not much of a talker.  She is social but reserved, so I wonder how much of this does she enjoy.

Why am I focused so much on Sylvia?  Sylvia has it pretty good.  She is very old, probably in her 80’s.  She is obviously pretty healthy or at least healthy enough to go swimming everyday.  She is happy because the pool is warm.  She does get upset when there is no sun or during high season when there are too many people by the pool.  It goes from 2-5 people to 100 during the holidays here.  Of course, these are just superficial things, I do not really know Sylvia.  All I know is we’ve been coming here for almost two years and every day from 3-5:30 pm, there is Sylvia floating around while her husband takes his late afternoon nap in the chaise lounge.

Sylvia is just another archetype for old age for me.  Is that what I have to look forward to?  Will I be content with a warm pool?  Will I be bored?  Will I be dying a bored old woman, if I am lucky?  I am still young but I forget that.  I remember when I was first switching careers, I was 25.  I thought, I am too old to switch my career now.  I already have a degree in Computer Science, I should stick with it.  Now I am 33, and I think, I am too old to do something new with my life, I am already 33.  Then I look at Sylvia.

10:32 pm