Daily Archives: March 16, 2011

The Skinny


This is a conversation I just heard in the elevator:

Husband and wife in their late 70’s.

wife:  She used to be so skinny

husband:  They are all skinny and then they get fat and for a good reason.

wife:  I didn’t get fat

husband:  You got fat

At that point the doors opened for my floor, I wish I could have stayed.

When ever I come to Miami, I am keenly aware of how fat I feel and how badly I want to be skinny.  I hate to admit this.  Today I did what Julia Roberts did in “Eat, pray, love”.  I got jeans that actually fit me.  For months now, I have been struggling with my one size too small jeans that show my butt when I bend down, in the hopes that one day they will fit.  Today, I marched my “one size too big” butt to Marshalls (obviously) and got a new pair.

The last time I was in a department store, I overheard two friends talking.  One told the other one that she is skinny.  The skinny one answered, “No I am not, I have to lose 8 pounds”.  At that point, I glanced over to see this girl.  She was perfect.  Not skinny, not fat, young and curvy.

The 8 pounds jumped out at me also because that was the number that I have been carrying around in my head since the “baby fat” factor.  Need to lose 8 pounds has been my personal mantra.

As the smart husband said, it was for a for a good reason.  And I am not fat if I fit into my new skinny jeans.

10:38 (record time, by a very tired Olia Rights)