Daily Archives: March 18, 2011


11:44 pm

Our nanny from Miami, Maria came to watch Isaiah today.  He did not remember her and cried when she came close to him.  As wise as children are, I find this child trait a little disturbing.  They are “in the moment” to a flaw.

Maria watched him and loved him for five months while we were in Miami.  She sat with him hunched over on the potty, entertaining him with books and songs for hours a day.  She made sure that he had the most gourmet homemade baby food around, pureed to his favorite consistency.

Every day, she proudly reported his poops and pee on the potty and the number of steps he took.  She talked about him always as a grandma, moms don’t boast this much about their own children.  She loudly compared him with other children, it was so innocent and sweet that I could not stop her.  In her stories, Isaiah was the best at eating, weight gain, strength, good looks and any other achievement a seven month old could have.

Maria came today after not seeing us for almost a year with champagne, chocolates, books and toys for Isaiah.  It was like a little Christmas.  She was so happy to see us and I was so happy to see her… but not Isaiah.  He was scared.  He got used to her after a little while but still looked at her with his amnesia eyes of non-recognition.

“Zuki, it’s Maria, you loved Maria!”  No reaction.  She put him to sleep and everything was fine but it is disappointing.  We were all expecting it but it is still hard.  I remember this disappointment when I went see my niece and nephew.  I loved them so much and would get so excited to see them.  I would get there and see their screaming terrified faces each time they looked at me.   “It is me, your favorite Auntie, remember we were laughing and playing last time, I did that thing that you found hilarious.  Yes, that was me.”  Screaming.  Thank God, they are almost 10 and don’t do that anymore.

But seriously babies, what are you trying to teach us with this no memory game.  You want every time for us to win your heart over.  Once is not enough.  Is that your divine master plan.  Not a bad idea, actually.

12:15 am