Daily Archives: March 19, 2011

Eve’s drop

7:41 pm

I love eavesdropping.  Today I listened to a 20-year-old describing her boyfriend.  She was saying,

“Seriously, it’s like weird.  We just like hang out and listen to music and like dance.  This is weird to say but its like he is my brother.  Is that weird?  And he is such a cute dresser, he has strawberry blond hair.  I am just comfortable around him.” (these are the exact words)

Hearing this sounded so familiar, I could see the whole thing unfold right down to their breakup.  I know it is sinister but obvious.  I remember I used to get upset with my mom for not taking seriously me first serious boyfriend.  I was eighteen and he was it for me.  I liked him long before he knew who I was.  I knew who he was.  The hottest guy ever.  I liked the way he looked and that was enough.  When we got together, it was a dream come true.   I was the luckiest girl in town.  I had Mike O’Keefe.

I looked at the girl talking and her mom and sister listening.  They were taking it seriously.  I was seeing a cliché in motion.  I guess my mom did too back then.  Now I look at them from a new perspective, I am the mom, I am on the other side.  The drama of life.  The first love, the first heart-break, the romance, the teachers, the friends and all that life growing stuff is before me again and I wonder if I can have real compassion for this process.  I am sure it can be frustrating to watch.

Yesterday, Yura dropped something and said “Shit!”  I knew the day would come and it came.  Isaiah started jumping up and down on the couch saying “Shit, shit, shit, shit”, watching us cracking up even though we weren’t supposed to give him such a reaction.

I sat listening to the girl go on and on about this guy.  She was so self-absorbed.  She did not want to listen to a word from her mother or her sister.  All she can think of was the strawberry blond, music listening stud and therefore every conversation was turned back to his perfect ways.  Will I have the patience to put up with this, as Isaiah so eloquently put, shit?

10:47 pm