1:38 pm

Today I met Grace by the pool again.  Grace is a sexy Italian mom from Toronto.  This lady is hot as hot can get.  Dark, with olive skin, a little hour-glass with full Sofia Loren breasts.  Even I could not take my eyes off of her cleavage and got scared that I would get caught starring.  Grace wanted to open up to me this afternoon, I could feel it, so I floated by her to listen to her story.

I noticed Grace few days ago.  She was fascinated with Isaiah’s swimming skills.  I was also fascinated with Grace but I could not tell her why.  Today, she spotted us in the pool, telling her family about Isaiah so they gathered around watching as he swam and swam until he was drunk on chlorine.

I noticed that Grace had two daughters.  She looked so young and these kids were about nine years old.  One was dark and olive like her beautiful mom and one was fair and bloated with an apparent mental disorder.  Grace told me that afternoon that her older daughter, Madison was born with down syndrome.  She told me that she had her kids, when she was 34 and had them one after another.  I listened amazed not daring to ask how she decided to have another child after having one with down syndrome.

She told me that her younger daughter, was jealous of Madison, the daughter with the down syndrome.  I found this ironic.  She said that Madison is so friendly and everybody loves her so much.  As I watched Madison, I could tell that this girl did not have a bad bone in her body.  It was like her down syndrome took away any maliciousness that a ‘normal’ human may have.  Madison watched Isaiah swimming, she was giggling every time he went under.  She was enjoying him as if she was a relative, never taking her eyes from him.

As we talked more, she told me that her husband and her were separated.  He decided ten years into their marriage that he could not do the ‘family and kids thing’.  He started dating a thirty year old who was Russian and Jewish, much to his mother’s approval.  The Russian threw him out and he tried to come back to Grace.  While she was talking, all I could think was her name is perfect for her, she was Grace embodied.  This seemingly tragic story she told with nothing but grace.  There was not a trace of gossip or ill feelings.  Her head was high and there was strength in her character.  Her kids looked up at her with admiration.

The older girl with the down syndrome was fully adjusted.  The only thing that separated her from the world was her appearance.  Grace was happy at how well her older daughter was doing with having down syndrome and I could tell she worked hard for that too.  She told me about the heart surgery that Madison had to have when she was eighteen months old.  I have a frame of reference now.  It would be like Isaiah having a heart surgery four months ago.  I was in disbelief but Grace said it all as a matter of fact.  There was no ‘poor me’ in her voice.

Grace started dating recently.  A doctor whose wife died and left him with three kids.  She said that she is not in love with him but he was a good man and a family man.  That is all she wanted out of a man at this point.  Her husband could not give her that.  She just wanted someone who would be good to her children.

I watched her as if she was a hero this afternoon.  Having a down syndrome daughter, than another, than having her husband leave her while they were still so young and to do it all with … Grace.


3 responses to “Grace

  1. What an inspiring lady! What a great reminder to love all the beautiful things in life you have, that is the way to have the juiciest of life.

  2. Beautiful Olia. You are a great storyteller.

  3. Chudesnaya i trogatel’naya istoriya.

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