Sharing is Caring

8:30 pm

Life knows how to have her way with me.

I started a writing class yesterday.  It is called “Diamond Cutters.”  I followed serendipity, wanting to run the other way.  I met with my friend Megan for dinner.  She told me I should take a writing class.  The next day, I was on Harper Green’s blog and it said that she is taking a writing class.    It was a sign and I had to submit to it.  I asked her about it and it seemed perfect.  It is on skype and I loved what the teacher wrote about it on her blog.  Six weeks without leaving the comfort of my own home and on a Tuesday.  Tuesday has been my day that my husband lets me have to myself.  I tried to take an improv class but there were none on a Tuesday, so that was another sign.

The first thing I found out in my class is that we will be writing a 10-20 page anything to be critiqued by the others.  Six weeks, six people.  I got nervous.  10-15 pages of what?  What do I have to say in 10-20 pages.  When I flip through my archives, I am noticing that there have been at least a 100 pages written already over the span of my 133 posts.  No counting.  I just strap myself into my chair and go on into my mind, counting is not the point.  I am used to counting everything but this time, I want to be bad at math.

I started looking at my comrades.  The other five souls in my class.  I have read a couple of their blogs and became more enchanted with this path I am choosing.  We are all fighting for the same cause.  The cause is to open up all the secret doors, to let it breathe inside.  To show the covered, to reveal secrets.  To open up the soul for all to see.  As a jewelry designer, I learned to work alone.  Jewelry designers thrive on trade secrets.  It has taken me years to find the “good” stuff.  I learned that quickly.   In the beginning, at a trade show, I was told to leave a designer’s booth when she found out that I was just another designer and not a store owner.  In that world, competition is king.  I crave to be in a world where sharing is caring.

9:21 pm


6 responses to “Sharing is Caring

  1. You rock. All signs seem to be pointing to ‘you kicking some ass’ in this new world of writing. xo

  2. YAY for taking my advice. 😉
    Can’t wait to read your 10-15 pages. xoxo

  3. Ol’ka, I’m sure you know this but just in case…:

    Let me know what you think…

  4. Good for you my love! Enjoy! Miss you

  5. “We are all fighting for the same cause. The cause is to open up all the secret doors, to let it breathe inside.”

    Ah, look how you put your finger on it, on all our hearts, just like that 🙂

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