Daily Archives: April 5, 2011

Everyday Sorcerous

9:40 pm

I veered from my path today.  It is rare since the baby.  I do my duties at home, I do my duties at work, my social life is planned in advance.  This is not true to my nature.  My nature is the explorer.  Experiencing magic of adventure.  On my drive to work today, I remembered that I did not have a gift for a beloved colleague.  I was seeing her for the first time after her Birthday and it was a perfect excuse for my urge to break my routine.  What followed was a series of life events.  They may be mundane to some but not to me because I intended them today.  I watched them unravel in perfect order.

The heart of Williamsburg, my old stomping ground.  I see Susan across the street.  She lived on our block in our last apartment.  I have never seen her out of the context of my old street so she was lost to me since we moved.   I knew had to come and say hello.  Susan is a retired school teacher who spends her free time traveling to Cuba where she teaches art for fun.  She is as liberal as liberal gets.  On this warm morning, she was distributing fliers and talking to people.  “The Cost of war is Killing Brooklyn.”  She is involved with an organization Brooklyn Peace.  Susan is a real life activist. Every time I saw her, the air around her was that of non conformity.  It was refreshing to see a single older woman so energized by her own ideals.  I could feel that her life has been dedicated to this work.  I stopped to listen to her.  She is not the evangelical type, so she never before spoke to me about this.  I asked this time.  I wanted to know her own motivation.  She said that she is doing it for survival and her eyes widened.  I tapped her on the arm to reassure her, that things are getting better.  The survival talk is a red flag for me, no matter who is talking, be it conservative or liberal.  Acting out of survival is not where I want to be and Susan was my reminder.  Her big scared eyes are not the eyes I want to have at her age.  I want those calm, clear eyes.  The ones of patience, compassion and understanding of all things in the Universe.

I saw a shoe store that I loved and decided to pop in.  Why not, I already got one sign that I was on the right path.  What is wrong with getting new shoes.  The path should be walked in more style than old red Converse.  I was alone in the store, until behind my back I heard a voice asking the lady for a shoe in his size.  The voice sounded sweet.  I turned around and it was a dear friend I have not seen in a long time.  I did not imagine meeting him here.  Our conversations moved to a philosophical discourse.  Skipping the boring chit-chat.  Happiness.  He said that he was a mess but he was able to articulate the struggles as humans, not his own woes.  Our misconceptions as humans.  Always thinking that others are more happy.    We are in the state of the ebb and flow, the rise and fall.  It is impossible to stay on one point of a moving wave.

I kept on my path and I saw another acquaintance.  I was not close with him but I played ping-pong with him before.  He beat me and that is rare.  He was the third on the path, which meant I needed to stop and hear his message.  His message was that New Yorkers should slow down.  Where are they rushing to, he said.  If this guy was a bum, I would question him but he was a successful business owner in the neighborhood.  His business grew into two locations but he shut one down because he was running from one location to the next.  In two weeks he is going to Rome.  He was letting his business work for him while he gets to spend his mid 30’s traveling with his girlfriend.  His message spoke to me.  Slow down.  Play ping-pong.   There is nowhere to get to.

I collided into three people.  I collided into three Worlds.   On the same street, on the same day, experiencing their own reality.  I was on a sign quest.  I was seeking for someone to tell me, you should veer off your path.  The gods have smiled and rewarded me.  To me it read like this.  Olia, you have overcome the survival mode though you need to still remember what it looks like so that you do not fall prey even if it sounds true.   Olia, remember not look at others thinking that they are happier than you are.  You are creating your happiness every day.  Olia, you did good by veering off your path.  You do need to slow down and play some ping-pong.

11:02 pm