Daily Archives: April 10, 2011

The Prophet

I love eaves droppling.  I was walking with my son in a stroller, a friend with a baby and my favorite mother-in-law with her boyfriend behind me.  A woman on the phone at full loud volume said, ” Those fucking bitchy park slope bitches have their nose up their ass.”  Maybe out of someone else’s mouth, we would cringe.  She had the audacity to say it in front of the children too.  But there was something so light about her chubby spirit that we all laughed.  What she said was heartfelt and I agree, there are so many Park slope bitches with their noses up the their ass.

I wanted to say, “Right on sister!”   I think some Park slope bitch offended her friend and she wanted to comfort her with her humor.  I did not even mind the cursing in this context.  Maybe you have noticed, I am experimenting with light cursing myself.

I want to be a Prophet.  I think about them a lot.  Can you imagine a parent coming into a tent and saying, “Dear wife, I have to go up the mountain and sacrifice our only son to God.”  Everyone would think this guy has lost it.  Well, that is what our Patriarch, Abraham announced one day to his wife.

A prophet’s  life is a radical one.  Making critical calls usually that no one likes to hear.  I like people who say things that other’s don’t like to hear.  Only when those things are true, of course.  I used to hate doing it.  My friends used to come to me for advice or let me rephrase, my friends told me their life stories and I gave advice.  My advice was usually, “Take the bull the horns, speak up!”  I prepared my friends to carefully compose themselves so that their message comes across loud and clear without the emotional baggage of accusation and guilt.  “Be calm, be strong.”

In my own life, I do not do that.  I get upset and cry in my bed.  I get angry and blurt something mean out in return.  I jump into combat before I my mind even registers what wound triggered the pain.

But there are those glorious moments.  The prophet within me, speaking god’s words. “Let there be light, and there is.”