9:01 pm

Passover is my favorite holiday.  I don’t know how it started.  When I was a little girl in Russia, we were not allowed to celebrate Jewish holidays.  My dad used to get Matzah secretly and hide it up on top of the closet in preparation of our secret celebration.  I would crawl up there when no one was around and eat little unnoticeable pieces.  I loved it.  I loved all the Passover foods.

I learned more about passover later in life.  I learned about Moses.  I cannot say that the story resonates with me as much as the matzoh ball soup and the gefilte fish.  One thing stays resonant.  I am reminded of the essence, freedom and humility.  The rebirth of spring time.  It is the perfect time to celebrate.

My friend told me that she did not think she would ever get married because she could not see herself loosing her freedom.

In twelfth grade my history teacher Mr. Marks pointed out that there is a “freedom to” and “freedom from”.  Freedom from hunger, for example, freedom to speak your mind.  I also did not want to lose my freedom.  Being single I had freedom from everyone, I had freedom to do what ever I wanted, but I did not have the freedom to have a family of my own.  I felt less free than I do now.  I wanted the freedom to be a mother and a wife and perhaps a grandma.  The freedom to outweighed the freedom from.

Freedom takes on different meanings at each stage of life.  It is always relevant.

I always hear people after a breakup saying, “I feel free to be myself now.”  It is a reminder for me each time, to be my free self … now.

9:34 pm

sorry for the video, I had to do it!


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