Monthly Archives: December 2012

One Short Hour

Today, I went to a therapy session to my new therapist, Nathan.  It was the first time that he did psycho analysis on me.  It was Mad Men style, where I lay down not facing him.
“You can start where ever you want.”  He prompted.

It was strange and uncomfortable at first, just talking without him saying a word.  But eventually, I got going.  I discussed my issues, my resolutions, my confusions and other tangents while he was taking notes.

Suddenly, he said:

“Well, we are going to stop at that.”

“It has already been an hour already?” I said, glancing with disbelief at my watch.  Time has gone by so fast and I didn’t realize how freely information just flowed.

I felt at peace after the session and I asked myself why.  All the things that I told him must have been just stuck on endless replay in my head.  By just getting them out in such a space that allowed me to go on and on for that long, got it to come out.  It is no wonder, that I was so confused, with that long monologue, how could I even have space in my brain to think of anything else.

I wondered if we can do this for each other, really listen, for an hour without interrupting or giving advice.  Just letting each other vent out every feeling and desire and confusion and pain and happiness and sadness.  And then, maybe we can have free ourselves to actually be ourselves.