Hello Sorrow

Today I cried a lot.  I didn’t know where it came from, at first.  It was sudden thunderstorms.  The forecast said, not a cloud in the sky but suddenly the rain came down.  It hit the ground loudly at first.  It startled me.  When the ground was wet, it continued to pour and pour making drum beats on the pavement.  It was unpleasant and cold.  I felt alone and ashamed of my loneliness, drowning in the water of my sorrows.  Sorrows, that were nicely buried when the climate was dry.  But the rain moved through the dirt and the sand, and the sorrows shook off their old faces and climbed out to face me.  I had no choice but to say hello.


6 responses to “Hello Sorrow

  1. I guess if we don’t say Hello, we can’t say Goodbye. I think we all have horrifying existential moments when we are faced with our loneliness; this is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s just very, very scary. But I am here to comfort you and hold you and love you always. And I am just one of an Army, your Army. When you are staring at your loneliness, I am next to you. When you say Hello to your sorrows, I am saying Hello too because they are my sorrows as well. I will not let you drown Zahava, you know I won’t.

  2. I am so sorry to know that you were crying. You just miss Zuki.
    But look at your supportive friends who love u and have a great wisdom and good hearts ..and us-your family to support you always.

  3. Cem-cem-cem – this will help you and be string!!!!

  4. It is so good to cry. Isn’t it? It is good that Nature was there with the changing moods and her rains and sunshines to give you cues when to cry, when to jump up and celebrate. It’s all in motion, mood in motion, life phases in motion. We move and feel and learn forever. I’m writing two days later, and maybe the memory of the day is vague, and your new day is less cloudy. Love you.

  5. I love you, Olia. I want to encourage you to let those tears flow and to be present with your sorrow. Only once you assume it, become it, and honor it will it pass. You are the strongest lady I know and I adore you. Holler if you need me to say it through my phone and into your ear and into your heart.

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