La La La La La La

Terrorized, I was suffocating in the world of uncertainty and I was losing my balance. Small, I hung on a branch with my strength, the water was flowing over me and into my mouth.

“Ahhhhhhh”, I wanted to scream, but instead I asked you about your life. Because we were supposed to be in the moment. But which moment? How do we stand together with those who were terrorized? Their lives went missing and the loved ones left, eternally crying. What about Sandy Hook? I had no time to heal and the NEWS were blaring in my years again with the unspeakable. Only, it was not here, not now.

How do we stay in happiness or have hope when seeing what we see?

No, here, I was trying to enjoy my life.
We found that there is a trail through the woods that we could take to the gymnasium. We walked through the park. I was feeling worries about the future and the inevitability of my hopeless state becoming even more hopeless, but the bare trees and the pines had another story. The winter’s cold darkness messed with my mind, but a cold afternoon walk through the woods was sobering.

I feel better.


One response to “La La La La La La

  1. Reads like a poem, very powerful. It’s a good way to explain what happens when when one of us is upside down, either the world or you in it. Good all ends well in your story 🙂 do glad you are back on Oliarights! Missed you here, sister.

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